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Organization Chart



President: Giovanni Cresta

Secretary: Filippo Comin


Board of Directors:


Patrizio Finicelli, Founder and Board Member

Giovanni Cresta, President and Board Member

Filippo Comin, Secretary and Board Member

Angelo Facciolo, Board Member

Valerio Durazzo, Board Member

Sara Giglioli, Board Member

Manuel Ciarniello, Board Member

Gianluca Fioravanti, Board Member

Maria Vittoria Molinari, Board Member

Mario Sperlì, Board Member




Filippo Comin, Area Director

Manuel Ciarniello, Area Secretary


Business Development

Manuel Ciarniello, Network Development Manager

Francesca Raucci, Corporate Relations – Italy

Giulio Martirano, Corporate Relations – Italy

Giacomo Mander, Corporate Relations – Foreign


Event Organization & Logistics

Stefano Roberto, Event Organization & Logistics Manager

Diego Miluzzi, Accountant

Rachele Sorrentino, Logistics


Press & Reporting

Gianluca Fioravanti, Press & Reporting Manager

Rebecca Vitelli, Press & Reporting Analyst

Fabio De Pascale, Press & Reporting Analyst



Mario Sperlì, Area Director

Emanuela Storti, Area Secretary


Business Development

Irene Milana, Business Development Manager

Sofia Musumeci, Business Development Analyst

Edoardo Monteforte, Business Development Analyst

Francesco Ferrauto, Business Development Analyst

Giada Pasqualetto, Accounting Analyst


Media & Communication

Maria Vittoria Molinari, External Relations Manager

Ludovica Pisani, External Relations Analyst

Pierpaolo Canero, Media & Communication Manager

Francesca Cozzi, Media & Communication Analyst

Giulia Cannatelli, Media & Communication Analyst




Sara Giglioli, Area Director


Corporate Relations

Paolo Paliotta, Network Development Manager

Michele Visconti, Network Development Manager


Project Management

Lorenzo Mortale, Head of Project Management

Salvatore Scaletta, Planning and Control Analyst


Communication Strategy

Lucrezia Moscioni, Head of Communication Strategy

Marcello Raimondi, Social Media Strategy Specialist

Sabino Falzarano, Instagram Specialist

Daniele Stoia, Communication Analyst


Events Organization

Daniel Pepi, Head of Events Organization

Sara Candito, Merchandising & Communication Analyst

Fabrizia Romeo, Logistics Analyst

Virginia Di Antonio, Events Organization Analyst